Find out what happens in Avengers: Endgame

    Excited for the newest edition of the Marvel superhero franchise? Well, you are not the only one, with fans worldwide crawling the internet for any new information about the upcoming movie and sequel to Avengers Infinity War, the Avengers Endgame. As the release date of the new Avengers film draws near, the internet is flooded with new fan theories and comic-bytes to make sense of the increasingly complex storyline currently taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So what is the Endgame?

    In this week’s blog, we will be talking about the different fan theories out there on the web and rank them in their likelihood of actually happening in the movies. Let’s get started!

    The Quantum Realm and Time Travel

    Any theory about Avengers Endgame would be incomplete without mentioning the quantum realm and time travel. The end credits scene in the new Ant-Man movie showed Scott get stuck in the Quantum Realm whereas the trio of Pyms turned to dust after Thanos’s snap. We feel for Scott, the guy wasn’t too fond of the place before and now, is stuck in it.

    In the comics, the quantum realm has no rules and no regard for pesky human concepts such as time, but they also hold infinite secrets that our tiniest hero may find and use it to his advantage. We already saw Janet Van Dyne get powers from her stay in the Quantum realm which she used to cure Ghost at the end of Ant Man 2. So maybe Scott can find a way back to home and the rest of the Avengers with the secret of defeating the mad Titan in time to save the day.

    Yeah, that sounds like a plan where nothing could go wrong! Fans believe the Quantum Realm is the key to defeating Thanos, and the Avengers will assemble and find a way back in time through the Quantum Realm to negate the snap. Seriously, do they just put “Quantum” before everything?

    Iron Man is the Key to defeating Thanos

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe began with its Phase 1 back in 2008 with Iron Man, and it makes sense that Iron Man should be the one to finish off Marvel’s first story arc. When Nick Fury, after being fed up with the internal politics of the World Council ( The World Council had been already infiltrated by HYDRA at this point ) decided to assemble a team of heroes, Iron Man was the first one he approached.

    He did not try to wake up the sleeping Captain America ( Frozen since WWII after defeating the Red Skull ) or try to recruit Bruce Banner a.k.a the Hulk.

    Instead, he sent his best agent-Natasha Romanoff to try to save Tony from dying due Palladium Poisoning in Iron Man 2 and recruit him for the Avengers Program.

    Surely Fury knew how temperamental Tony was, and still tried to recruit him first. Maybe he knew something we didn’t, maybe, he knew that Tony-Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist-Stark would one day defeat the Mad Titan Thanos and save the universe from cataclysm? In the starting few minutes of Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see Maria Hill report to Tony, and Tony tell her that he isn’t interested in leading the Avengers and she should report to Captain America instead.

    In the history of Marvel movies, it has been made clear how Maria Hill always, always takes her orders from Nick Fury. So it’s not jumping the gun to say that Nick may have dropped hints on how important Tony may be for Earth’s survival, prompting Maria to do as she did. Again, during the Battle of Titan between the Earth’s mightiest heroes and Thanos, we see Thanos acknowledge Tony and comment on how they are similar, and cursed with knowledge.

    How many times did we see Doctor Strange tell Iron Man how he will let the Avengers die if it came to protecting them or the Time Stone. Yet when Thanos was about to kill Iron Man, Doctor Strange volunteered the time Stone for amnesty for Tony. Does it feel like something the Sorcerer Supreme would do, whose sole job was to protect the Infinity Stone? We don’t think so, and many fans agree. So we hope that the Sorcerer has a plan before he was turned to dust, and hope to God that Tony figures it out soon.

    Cut to the visions Tony repeatedly has during Iron Man 3 leads us to believe Tony’s story is not at an end, and we may yet see the fan favourite Iron Man take on the mad Titan, and win, this time.

    Captain Marvel to the rescue

    The strongest Avenger is here, and no, it’s not you Thor. Carol Danvers a.k.a Captain Marvel is set to feature in the newest Avenger film. The warrior hero Skrull is sure to be a thorn in Thanos’ side this fall. Carol Danvers was the daughter of a father who wanted another son and didn’t care much for her. So she joined the military with dreams of becoming an astronaut. During her career, NASA requested her for special operations regarding the Kree world. There she befriended Mar-vell, a Kree soldier who led to her capture and torture.

    The Kree waged a battle to save her, during which Carol was knocked into a Kree Psych-Magnitron, which was capable of turning imagination into reality. This machine transformed a human Carol Danvers into a Half-Kree superhuman with powers on a cosmic scale. Kevin Feige in an interview with the Vulture has effectively said that Captain Marvel will be the strongest Avenger till date. Now, I can’t imagine she would want to stand idly by while Thanos decimated half the Universe, so Thanos might want to watch his back in the next fight in Avenger Endgame.

    Death incarnate herself

    Thanos’ history isn’t widely known, and many don’t know he was a gentle child with great intellect. He, however, was shunned by his family and society due to his abnormal colour and body, and so he grew isolated. Due to his heritage of a Titan, and being descended from the Eternals, he already had unimaginable powers, and then Death herself approached the young Titan.

    She appeared to him as a girl, and wooed him and cared for him. Thanos came to love the incarnation of Death, but as is her nature, she becomes to no one, for they come to her. So Death proposed a challenge, kill half the universe to save the other, do that, and Thanos could be with Death. Since she didn’t accept Thanos, he was banished from the realm of Death, effectively making him immortal. And since Thanos did kill half the Universe’s population, Death may finally be together with Thanos on his homeworld, so a fight for the Avengers with Thanos might mean a fight with Death herself. This however seems far fetched, as Death has powers beyond imagination, and this is not something the folks at Marvel are ready to present to the public yet.

    Secret Avengers

    Nick Fury may well show up in Avengers Endgame to help. Probably with a big-ass gun and with the Secret Avengers, led by Quake a.k.a Daisy Johnson from SHIELD.

    For the uninitiated, Daisy Johnson has Avengers-level powers and as her name suggests, she can quake the living hell out of well, everything. Quake might be a valuable addition to the Avengers and we might just see Quake team up with Black Widow and Scarlet Witch in Avengers Endgame. However, none of this has been confirmed yet, so take this with a pinch of salt.

    Pepper Potts as the new Iron Lady?

    With shots of Tony stuck in space in the trailer released for Avenger Endgame and Marvel already teasing the Pepper in the Iron Man Rescue Armour in Iron Man 3, if Tony does bite the dust, pun intended; we might just see Pepper Potts take up his mantle as the new Iron Man.

    Loki is Banner

    Loki died at the start of Infinity War. Or did he? Loki likes to cheat death, and until now, has been successful one hundred percent of the time. So fans say, why would he stop now? Remember how Bruce Banner could not turn into his alter ego, the Hulk during Infinity war? Fan theories suggest these two events might be connected, and that Loki might have evaded death yet again by creating an illusion which makes it look like he is Bruce, just like he did with Odin at the end of Thor 2. However, we take it with a huge grain of salt as no credible sources suggest the above theory might actually be true. So what are your theories? Was there something we missed? Feel free to tell us in the comments below! Have a look at a few of our other trending blogs here. Thanks for being on Social Cube!

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